Icloud drive only sync certain folders

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How to force an iCloud sync But I do think we need some way to force an app to consult iCloud and check for updates. My suggestion here would be a new universal gesture.

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Each time drive application is opened it scans for new files it has missed out to sync. So our app will be automating this, it will be restarting gDrive application every 5 minutes and hence triggering file sync and keeping contents as fresh as possible. Open your OneDrive for Business library in the SharePoint UI (browser). Click the settings gear icon in the top right -> Add an app. Click Add an app. Pick Document Library, and name it whatever you like and click Ok. You now have a new library that will store your main set of files that you don't need to sync.

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Step 1: Download Google Drive and install it on your PC. After that, you can select the "Sync" option for your entire drive or only for specific folders (like Google Photos). I would recommend to sync your entire Google Drive. Step 2: Now, open Google Drive on the web and click on the "Gear" icon on the top right. Then select ...

On OS X, click the Drive icon on the menu bar. Select the Sync Options tab, then choose the Sync only these folders radio box. Check only the folders you wish to sync. Click Apply, then Continue ...